Recreational pilot courses: PPL(A) or LAPL(A) - 30th May - English

Recreational pilot courses: PPL(A) or LAPL(A) - 30th May - English

We will soon start new recreational pilot courses.

Who are these courses for?

PPL: With no prior experience or training requirements, this licence allows you to fly any single-engine piston aircraft for recreational, i.e. non-commercial purposes. You will be able to fly to any destination in the world and even carry passengers. In addition, the PPL(A) is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot in the future, for those who wish to do so.

LAPL: The middle ground between a ULM licence and a PPL(A) licence, with advantages such as:

  • Validation of theory credits: 100% of the theory is validated for the PPL(A) course, while the ULM licence does not validate any theory.
  • Validation of flight hours: flight hours are certified and can be accumulated (with the ULM licence only 10% of the total is validated, with the LAPL licence 100% of the hours flown are validated).
  • Flying in VFR visual conditions in controlled airspace and/or airports.
  • Flying at night in visual conditions, after obtaining a NVFR rating.
  • Fly in certified light aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 2,000kg and up to four seats on non-revenue (non-commercial) flights.


What will the training be like and how long will it last?

Our training is designed so that you can obtain your licence in just 4 months. You will attend on-site or live online group lessons with an instructor from Monday to Friday, where you can receive personalised treatment and ask questions from the comfort of your own home. The classes will be in English. The practical part will take place at our flight training bases according to your availability.

For more details about the training such as: cost, what is included, subjects you will study, exams, etc. visit the following pages:

PPL(A) Course

LAPL(A) Course

Payment methods

You can finance your dream of becoming a pilot with CANAVIA's support. You can pay for your training in up to 4 interest-free monthly instalments, or through our advantageous agreement with BBVA for low-interest study loans:

BBVA study loans



Are you ready to get your wings?