Private pilot course - PPL


Our Private Pilot course (PPL) will allow you to obtain the official license as a private plane pilot accredited by European EASA regulations.

The first step to become a professional pilot.

No previous experience or specific training

This course will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills so that you can put yourself in charge of any single-engine aircraft on unpaid flights.

You can fly to any destination in the world and even, take passengers.

No previous experience or specific training is required in order to obtain the private pilot license PPL and the minimum age to start the course is 16 years of age.


to access the course:

  • Be older than 16
  • Have passed a medical examination accredited by EASA (Class 2)
  • If your intention is to continue your training and do the Professional Pilot course, get the recognition of Class 1
  • Pass a Maths and Physics assesment, together with an English interview

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Private Pilot Course consists of 117 theoretical hours of training divided into 9 subjects:


  • Air law
  • Principles of flight
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Human Factors
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Performances
  • Operational Procedures

Practical part

The practical part of the Private Pilot Course is composed of a minimum of 45 hours of training flight, of which 10 hours will be the only pilot in command and 5 hours in the FNPT-II simulator.

This practical part will end with a skill test of one and a half hours.

Trainings will be carried out in the surroundings of the international Airport of Gran Canaria (sixth most important commercial airport of Spain in number of passengers), in the aerodrome “El Berriel” and at the airport of La Gomera.

Cross country will be carried out between the different Canary islands.

Thanks to our privileged location, we will fly up to 8 international airports, training our pilots in all necessary flight skills.

Total flight hours
46.30 hours

Prices for the Private Pilot Course PPL

Remember that being a type of individualized education, you can start your Private Pilot Course at any time, doing the training in our school Gran Canaria and Tenerife or in the distance mode.


Igic not included
Possibility of financing
Tax not included


With accomodation


We will give you your training in one of the places with the best climate in the world

With an average temperature of 20 degrees and completely clear skies during the whole year, Canary Islands has undoubtedly one of the best climates in the world.

Nearly perfect conditions to be able to complete your training in the shortest possible time.

CANAVIA offers all students who need it, the possibility of accommodation in individual rooms in apartments located on the coast. Including cleaning service and Internet connection.

Enjoy a stay in this unique paradise while you fulfill your dream of being a pilot.

Would you like to enrol?

You can find out more about the enrolment process here.

Why choose us?


    CANAVIA currently has its own fleet, composed of 7 fully operational aircraft. Do you want more information about them? Enter the "aircraft fleet" section.


    We have incorporated a new flight simulator FNPT-II unique in the islands, to offer our students a special training.


    Our training team consists of certified instructors with thousands of flight hours and a great experience in instruction.


    Operative 24h. Sixth most important airport in Spain. In connection with 7 international airports only 1 hour away.

The theoretical training can be completed on-site in our school or online.

For the online mode of the PPL course, students can access through the Internet platform (e-learning), where they could find all the theoretical lessons, a chat and all the necessary material to prepare every subject.

The students will keep in touch with the instructors and the rest of the students in every moment through the Moodle platform. Such training will be mentoring by our instructors online.

At the end of the subjects, our students will have a 10 hours on-site review in our school. Furthermore, they will have to pass an own exam before the official exams. The purpose of this own exam is to ensure satisfactory results in the official exams. 

When students pass the official exams they will be accredited in the corresponding theoretical knowledge to develop their work as private pilots (PPL), continuing the practical phase of the training.

Do you want to fly? We will teach you

  • First Spanish aeronautical training school to obtain the official accreditation to operate under the new European EASA FCL regulations.
  • Start your training at any time of the year.
  • We have our own fleet with the most modern aircraft. Would you like to know more about our Aircrafts? You can do it in the "fleet" section.
  • Learn and practice in International commercial Airports.
  • A high level training adapting to your availability.