Guidance talk by the Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots.

Guidance talk by the Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots.

Yesterday we were visited by Carlos García Molaguero, he is a commercial airline pilot for aeroplanes and helicopters, member of the governing board of COPAC and former student of CANAVIA and currently instructor of future generations of pilots in our school. 

Carlos shared with our students of the Integrated ATPL course his knowledge about the Official College of Pilots in Spain, guided them on what a commercial pilot student should do and informed them about the new programme launched by COPAC called #NextGen, which gives support to future pilots studying in our country. 

Being part of COPAC NextGen gives you access to numerous advantages:

  • Expert advice and guidance for access to the profession and job search
  • Training sessions
  • Professional and aviation safety information
  • Discounts and benefits on professional services
  • Free subscription to the COPAC Aviator magazine
  • In the last year nearly 100 future pilots have benefited from these advantages completely free of charge

If you are in your final stage of training or have just obtained your licence and wish to join the COPAC NextGen programme, please send an email to

Another very important point he spoke about was the Carlos Salas 2022 scholarships. This initiative was created in memory of Carlos who was a great professional who defended the rights of all pilots in Spain. The project consists of providing two scholarships of 12,500 euros each to finance the aircraft type rating course of the winning pilots in order to help overcome the economic barrier of its high cost. 

The scholarships will be funded by the Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC), the Spanish Airline Pilots Union (Sepla) and Global Training Aviation (GTA).

To consult the complete rules click here.

To apply click here before 15 July 2022.