Ambassadair con Canavia.

Ambassadair con Canavia.

CANAVIA expands in Europe with a new collaboration with the Ambassadair aviation school. Specialists in aeronautical training and active professionals in the sector. Their team is made up of aeronautical engineers, airline pilots, meteorological engineers, historians, air traffic controllers, military pilots, air hostesses...

Their aim is to transmit their knowledge and passion for aviation to students from all over the world in a correct, relevant and updated way for their personal and professional development.
After 15 years of experience training hundreds of students, Ambassadair are experts in providing FWA courses "My Firts Wings in Aviation" where the student takes his first step to discover the world of aviation and whose objectives are the following:

- To provide students with the theoretical knowledge to obtain the FWA.

- To enrich their CV by acquiring an international diploma.

- To discover how to fly an aircraft.

- To use aviation to understand the concepts studied in traditional courses.

- Learning and empowering students through aviation safety.

- Raising awareness of tomorrow's aviation.

- Promote general aviation and aviation professionals.

- Promoting contacts with aviation professionals.

Another of the services they offer are FWA flights and this is where CANAVIA comes in, students who wish can complete a 3 hour FWA flight which includes 60 minutes at the controls. The aim of these flights is to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical courses which are taught in English. These flights are preceded by a briefing, during which the students prepare their flight with the help of an instructor from our school (meteorology, regulations, navigation, calculations...). It is at this stage of the training that CANAVIA provides its expertise to make the students' experience unique and unforgettable.

For us it is an honour to be able to participate in this wonderful project and we are very grateful to Ugo Noel (CEO) of Ambassadair and all his team for having chosen us to train their students with our introductory flight course.

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