Despite of joining a global sector where distances are shortened, each Authority issues licenses under its regulations and requirements.
We are aware of how complicated it can be to practice your profession in Spain. At the time of validating your pilot license, doubts arise about the ratings that require an exam in the country and the flight hours necessary to fullfil with its regulations. These are usually the main questions.

However, in Canavia we have managed from countries like the USA to validate the IR, from Iran or other countries, to validate PPL, CPL and ratings from Latin America. And very especially we have converted UK licenses with the minimum requirements and the maximum guarantees.

If you have had your license for a long time and want to join aviation again, we offer brush up courses and updates such as PBN, UPRT, CRM, etc. required at this time.
Come visit the school, we will study your background situation so we are always willing to guide you in your validation process.

"Students conversions"

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