Integrated CPL / ATPL Professional Pilot Course

A career with a promising future

Fulfil your dream of becoming a professional pilot with the most complete Airline Pilot Course on the market.

We have developed a professional pilot course that includes the complete training you need to obtain all the licences in record time in just 16 months on-site.

No previous flying experience or aeronautical knowledge is required to access the training, it is Ab Initio (from zero).

With our professional pilot course you will OBTAIN the following licenses and ratings:

  • (CPL) Commercial Pilot License
  • (IR+PBN) Instrumental Flight Rating
  • (SEP) Single Engine Piston Class Rating
  • (MEP) Multi Engine Piston Class Rating
  • Qualification of International Radiotelephone Operator
  • (ATPL) Theoretical Airline Transport
  • (MCC) Multiple Crew Cooperation Course Certificate
  • (UPRT) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • (ICAO 4/5/6) English Language Proficiency

Become a professional pilot with us

Our Integrated ATPL training course is recognised by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for the issue of a CPL (A) licence.

This licence entitles you to perform aerial and general aviation work; act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transport operations in any single-pilot certificated aircraft and act as co-pilot in commercial air transport.

EASA licences are a guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness in global aviation. Not only will you have the opportunity to work in the EASA environment (32 countries), but you will also enjoy a higher level of acceptance and credibility in other continents.

Theoretical training

The theoretical part of the Integrated Professional Pilot Course consists of 14 subjects with a total duration of 800 hours.

The theoretical classes must be face-to-face and will be supported by one of the best digital platforms for pilot training, through our partner school PADPILOT, one of the most prestigious pilot training centres in Europe, in the English language.



  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Instruments
  • Radionavigation
  • Mass & Balance
  • Operational Procedures
  • Performance
  • Flight Principles
  • Flight Planning
  • VFR & IR Communications
  • Human Factors
  • Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes


Upon completion of the theory classes, students will take an internal school exam before taking the official exams.

After passing the official exams, the students will be accredited in the corresponding theoretical knowledge to develop their work as airline transport pilots (ATPL), thus entering the practical phase of the training as a professional pilot.

There will also be seminars specific to each rating with their corresponding evaluations, as well as a course on study techniques that will help students to learn different ways of assimilating the knowledge they acquire during their training and to make their study time more effective.




Flight training

The practical flight training of the Integrated Professional Pilot Course consists of a total of 100 flight lessons spread over a minimum total of 227 flight hours.

125:00 single-engine hours (SEP)
15:30 multi-engine hours (MEP)
65:00 simulator hours (FNPT-II)
20:00 simulator hours (MEP Trainer)
3:00 Skill Test (MEP)

Total minimum flight hours  227 Hours*

*With the "Standard" package. The "Advanced" and "First Officer" packages include additional flight hours.

The training will be carried out in our modern and diverse fleet of aircraft. Click here to find out more.

Our Standard ATPL Integrated program will
take you from complete beginner to fully qualified commercial pilot in only 16 months, including MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and UPRT (Upset Prevention & Recovery) training.


Total included flight hours: 227

"Advanced" Package

It includes all Standard training and the "APS" MCC (Airline Pilot Standard) course, an enhanced version adding 20 flight hours in a jet simulator during the MCC. Some airlines have implemented the APS MCC course as a requirement in their hiring policies.


Total included flight hours: 247

"First Officer" Package

The most complete course available for an airline pilot. Geared towards airline entry, including "APS" MCC course and type rating course, available for: Airbus A320, Boeing B737, ATR 72 or Embraer 190.


Total included flight hours: 280

You can choose from our three Integrated ATPL packages


Integrated ATPL

227 flight hours



247 flight hours, including APS MCC


First Officer

280 flight hours, including APS MCC and Type Rating


Interest-free payment in up to 15 months. Low interest study loans available, details here.

Entry requirements for the professional pilot course

  • Pass a Class 1 aeronautical medical exam.
  • Be at least 17 years old at the start of training
  • Pass our entry test, including basic Mathematics, Physics and a Psycho-technical test, as well as an English interview.


It is not a requirement, but we recommend a secondary school or similar level of education.


Aeronautical Medical Centres

The price of the training includes

  • 800 hours of theoretical training
  • 227 hours of flight training
  • Examination fees for the 13 subjects (first attempt)
  • Standard MCC course (Multi-Crew Co-operation)
  • PadPilot study material
  • Flight skill tests
  • Headset
  • Navigation chart
  • Access to online library (AIP charts, flight manuals, manoeuvre manuals, etc.)
  • EASA logbook
  • Uniform
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Test
  • UPRT Course (Upset Prevention & Recovery Training)


  • Class 1 medical exam (approx. €650)
  • Exam fees after the first attempt
  • Mandatory Training Expenses Loss Insurance (€260, included at no additional cost in case of one-off payment)

We offer you accommodation in our residence for the exclusive enjoyment of CANAVIA students

  • Located within a 30-minute drive to classes and flights.
  • Single rooms. Shared common areas.
  • From €350 to €450 per month.
  • Including water, electricity and WiFi costs up to a maximum of €140 monthly per house.


Would you like to know what it's like to live in our residences? Take a look:

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