Timebuilding - Flight Hours

Canavia offers its students flight hours in its varied fleet of aircraft. We manage a private aerodrome and have 8 international airports within our reach in the Canary Islands, which will allow you to acquire skills and familiarise yourself with all the procedures necessary for a pilot, all in a privileged environment.

The objective is to gather the necessary experience to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence and/or associated ratings as required by Appendix 3, Annex 1 (Part-FCL) of Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011.

The school offers flight instruction, refresher training and rating renewal as well as all flight concepts included, with the possibility of accommodation.

Flight hour cost

  • Single-engine Cessna 150M


  • Single-engine Tecnam P2008JC MKII


  • Multi-engine Tecnam P2006T


  • Included: Insurance, fuel, flight and navigation equipment, operations service.
  • Not included: Instructor (€20/h), landing fees for AENA airports (check here), taxes applicable to LAPL/PPL licences (7% IGIC).


Booking at least 10 flight hours will entail a discount on the AENA landing and transit fees.

To guarantee the safety of the student and our aircraft, you must always fly accompanied by an instructor or safety pilot. After a training period to be defined according to your skills and after verification by the school, you will be able to fly solo. The remaining proportional amount paid for an instructor will be refunded after the release.

FNPT-II simulator flight hours rental


Certified flight hour


Introductory flight (non-pilots)

  • Included: instructor
  • Not included: taxes applicable to LAPL/PPL licences (7% IGIC).

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