Pipistrel Virus SW121 Explorer

Single-engine high-wing two-seater aircraft, built in Slovenia.

The result of more than 30 years of Pipistrel experience in designing energy efficient aircraft. The Explorer has pure and simple shapes, lower fuel consumption, minimal noise and power for outstanding performance.


IFR ready with its dual touch screen Glass Cockpit, advanced autopilot, dual COM, hydraulic constant speed propeller, aerobrakes, heated pitot tube and adjustable pedals and headrests.

The best equipped, most affordable and comfortable 2-seat EASA type-certificated aircraft in its class.

More than 1500 aircraft of the same family fly on all continents.

Equipped with a ballistic parachute rescue system and a haptic stall warning system, the Explorer provides the highest levels of safety.

Approved for night VFR and intentional spinning, it is a great aircraft for advanced UPRT training.


  • Capacity: 2
  • Length: 6.42 m (21.06 ft)
  • Span: 10.70 m (35.10 ft)
  • Height: 1.90 m (6.23 ft)
  • Empty weight: 371 kg (818 lb)
  • Maximum take-off weight: 600 kg (1323 lb)
  • Cruise speed: 244 km/h TAS 132 KTAS
  • Stall speed: 47 KIAS - 53 KIAS
  • Maximum ceiling: 18000 ft (5486m)
  • G Limits: +4/-2.
  • Climbing speed: 1,050 ft/min (5.33 m/sec)

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