Performance Based Navigation Course - PBN

From 25 April 2021, all pilots with IR instrument ratings must have obtained PBN privileges associated to their IR through an initial training course to be conducted by an ATO.

If they do not have the PBN privileges, they will not be able to exercise the IR privileges and the IR rating recorded on their licence will be removed by the aeronautical authority.

At Canavia you can take the initial PBN course or renew your PBN privileges in a single day on-site.

Our courses comply with the bases and requirements required by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).


The Performance Based Navigation Course consists of:

  • 8 hour online theoretical course
  • 2 training flight hours in FNPT-II
  • 30 minute exam in FNPT-II


PRICE: €800

Inmediate availability

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