Introductory Flight - Pilot for a day

If you have always dreamed of flying, with our school, you can finally make it come true!

Flying a plane, apart from being an exciting sensation, is much easier and safer than you think.

With our introductory flight course you will be able to take the controls of the plane and fly it yourself, accompanied by an expert instructor who will teach you all the secrets of flight.

No previous knowledge is required. There are no age limits.

The top experience of our school

Experience the sensation of flying over one of the most beautiful environments in the world: the Canary Islands. You will be able to fly over the paradisiacal beaches of the archipelago, the Maspalomas Dunes, fly over the majestic natural monument of Roque Nublo, and get to know from the clouds an endless number of beautiful natural landscapes of our islands*.

*The flight and the area to be flown are subject to weather conditions as well as the contracted flight time.

It is the ideal gift for any season: at CANAVIA we operate 365 days a year, you can fly whenever you want. We offer you the option of obtaining a personalised gift voucher, valid for up to 6 months.

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What does the "Pilot for a day" experience consist of?

For starters, we will spend an hour teaching you some very interesting things about the world of aviation during our pre-flight briefing:

  • Why planes fly
  • How to interpret an aeronautical map
  • Communicating with air traffic controllers in the control towers
  • Understanding a weather report
  • Reconnaissance of the aircraft and the aerodrome

Finally, here comes the moment you have been waiting for...

We will fly in a single-engine two seater plane for between ½ and 1 hour, and you will be able to decide if you want to take the controls and fly it yourself.


Taxes included (7% IGIC)


1 hour theory + 30 minutes flight time


1 hour theory + 1 hour flight time

The activity can be carried out at the following airports, subject to availability and scheduling:

Gran Canaria:

Maspalomas – El Berriel airfield (GCLB)


Tenerife South - Reina Sofía Airport (GCTS)

Tenerife North - Ciudad de La Laguna airport (GCXO)


Flight time is between chocks. Landing and take-off will take about 15 minutes of the flight time.

The flight, the area to fly over and the airport for the activity are subject to weather and school scheduling, as well as the contracted flight time.