Upset Prevention & Recovery Training - UPRT

Starting from 20th December 2019, this course is mandatory, according to the European EASA FCL 745 regulation, for all pilots who want to carry out their first type rating in an airline company. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for access to all airlines worldwide.

The latest aircraft fatality studies show that loss of control of an aircraft is one of the highest risk factors that can lead to fatal accidents in our industry. For this reason, the prevention of loss of aircraft control is one of the main priorities in pilot training. 

The objective of UPRT training is to familiarise pilots with possible situations that could occur in flight, in different scenarios.

This enables pilots to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to anticipate and avoid loss of control in flight (LOC-I Loss of Control in Flight), as well as to develop the appropriate techniques to be able to recover from adverse situations.


5:00 hours of theoretical training and internal test (online)
3:00 hours of flight training in an aircraft

The various aerodynamic factors of the aircraft will be studied. It also covers recovery procedures for manoeuvres and how to mitigate the physical and psychological effects.

The 3 hours of flight training will be spread over 3 days.

Inmediate availability


Taxes not included (7% IGIC)

  • Valid PPL (A) or CPL (A) licence
  • Valid Class 2 or Class 1 medical certificate

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