VFRN Course

VFRN Course

On the 5th of October a new night flight rating course will start in Canavia. 

The student pilot will receive the following training, which is the minimum required by AESA:

5 hours of theoretical course of NVFR night operation.
4 hours of flight in dual control under night flight conditions and with FI NIGHT instructor.
1 hour as pilot in command with 5 take-offs and take-offs under night flight conditions.

This course can be taken from Tenerife South or Gran Canaria International Airports. 

In our school we operate 365 days a year and every month we train our students with this rating, therefore, our extensive experience, modern fleet and the climate in the Canary Islands, makes this course a unique experience, providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to fly safely and quality. 

We are waiting for you!