2022 First Round of Integrated ATPL.

2022 First Round of Integrated ATPL.

Today, 14th January, as we have announced, we have presented the course that aims to bring new Airline Transport Pilots to the world of aviation. We estimate that in 15 months they will be able to be making a place for themselves in this profession of the future, although in the end this will always depend on the commitment and involvement of the student.

For three hours, 15 students in total; five students from Tenerife and 10 from Gran Canaria were examined today at Maspalomas el Berriel to find out their initial level in Mathematics, English language and Physics. Of course they will be offered the support they need.

The level exams waiting for its students     
Afranio González and Gonzalo Sanfrutos invited as professionals



With all the necessary material and all the predisposition they could listen to the experienced voice of the head of teaching Mario D. Pons Grau but also from students who up today operate in passenger transport airlines like Afranio González or Gonzalo Sanfrutos as.

Thank you very much to all of you for this day!