El Día: Aviation Campus, the perfect formula

El Día: Aviation Campus, the perfect formula

Aviation Campus celebrates its first anniversary with positive results. The campus has opened new offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and has a new state-of-the-art FNPT II MCC certified flight simulator for 2024. The demand for certified training for pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians and cabin crew is on the rise due to high employment rates and attractive job prospects after graduation.

Brok-air and Canavia collaborate to offer comprehensive aviation education, with Canavia training around 120 pilots annually. Canavia's CEO, Mario Pons, highlights a 100% employment rate for the 50 graduates from the previous year, emphasising the global job opportunities thanks to international certification. Flight training takes place at Maspalomas aerodrome, offering a unique advantage with 5,900 training flights and 8,800 flight hours in 2023.

The partnership's strengths include a hangar at Granadilla with a real Airbus 320 fuselage, the only certified evacuation ramp in the Canary Islands and a unique flight simulator. The facility caters for both on-campus students and recurrent training for airline crews. The importance of aviation professionals is highlighted by a CAE study that predicts a great need for pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians and cabin crew in the next decade.

Despite the demand, the article suggests challenges due to the limited number of authorised maintenance technician training centres. The Aviation Campus offers financing options, allowing students to obtain low-interest European funding without collateral.

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Brok-air y Canavia crean la fórmula perfecta para ofrecer enseñanza integral en el sector aeronáutico desde Canarias - El Día (eldia.es)