Entrevista con Kristin Karlsdottir

Entrevista con Kristin Karlsdottir

How was your experience during the course?

It was amazing. I got to fly between all the islands and land on many different airports which was a great experience. All my time building hours at Canavia I did with a safety pilot so I was constantly learning and improving during my whole time building. Those hours were very well spent with an instructor because when I started my modules I felt like I was ahead of the game. I really liked the CPL/MEP/IR training. The instructors are all experienced pilots with loads of knowledge and highly professional teaching methods so I enjoyed every part of the training.

Why did you choose Canavia for your flight training?

The main reason I chose Canavia to begin with was the location of the school. The Canary Islands is a beautiful place to experience, both on the ground as well as from above. I come from Iceland which is a beautiful country but unfortunately the weather there can be really hard to count on. Therefore, being a pilot student in Iceland can sometimes be hard, especially during the autumn and winter months when you can expect not being able to fly many days or even weeks in a row. The Canary Islands on the other hand are known for their subtropical climate so the weather is pretty stable all year around. During my almost 4 months at Canavia I never had to cancel my flight because of the weather. The only time I got close to it was that one time during a heat wave because the temperature was very high. Still, we made it to the air and that was a unique first-time experience for me, to see how the plane behaves in conditions like these.

photo1Kristine almost ready for the departure in a sunny day at El Berriel

Could you define our school in one word?


photo2Kristin and his CFI flight instructor, Raúl, already celebrating.

What would be the best memory you have at Canavia?

I have so many precious memories of Canavia. One of my favourites is when I did my 300 nm flight with Vladimir. We landed on 4 different islands in one day and had a long stop in Tenerife South for lunch. Then of course I have to mention my CPL/MEP/IR final skill test flight. I had a flight to Fuerteventura on a beautiful day and the feeling that I got when I knew that all the hard work had paid off and my dream was coming true, it was indescribable. That is a day that I will never forget.

What would you highlight?

The atmosphere in Canavia is one of the best things about the school. I always looked forward to go to the school, meet the people and go flying. It's like a one big family and everyone are there for you to help.

Do you regret choosing us?

No, I will never regret choosing Canavia. I learned a lot, I met so many great people and I made wonderful memories. I am forever thankful for this time.

photo3Vladimir, enjoying with his student

Would you recommend Canavia to other students?

Absolutely, without a doubt!