Professional Pilot Course - Airline Transport Pilot License – ATPL frozen

A profession with future

Complete your dream of becoming a professional pilot with the most complete Airline Pilot Course on the market.

We have developed a professional pilot program that includes the complete training you need to obtain all the licenses in a record time (only 15 months).

You can do the theoretical part of the program in classroom (presencial) or you may choose the distance mode.

The most complete ATPL pilot course

With our professional pilot course you will OBTAIN the following licenses:

• Private pilot license (PPL)
• Commercial pilot License (CPL)
Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) theory.
• Instrumental flight rating (IR), single-engine flight rating (SEP) and multi-engine flight rating (MEP)

The profession of the future

Become a professional pilot with us

CANAVIA is a private school that has been training thousands of professional pilots for over ten years. Currently our students are working in the main airline companies around the world.

We were the first official school in Spain to obtain authorization from the State Air Safety Agency as an Approved Teaching Organization (ATO) in 2013 in accordance with the new EASA regulations, being recognized by the Aeronautical Authority as an exemplary school.

Official school

Fulfill your dream of being a pilot in one of the best schools

Our Commercial Pilot course offers you all the theoretical (ATPL frozen)and practical knowledge you need to be able to train you as a professional pilot and guarantees your success.

At the end of your studies, you will be prepared to join any European airline company as a pilot or join companies in countries that maintain the EASA regulations.


The theoretical part of the Professional Pilot Course consists of 14 subjects with a total duration of 759 hours.

The theoretical classes can be done in classroom or at a distance mode, through our collaborating training schools (BRISTOL GS and CATS), two of the most prestigious pilot training centers in Europe


   • Air law and ATC procedures
   • General knowledge of the aircraft
   • Performance and flight planning
   • Mass and Balance
   • Aircraft performance
   • Flight planning and monitoring
   • Human factors
   • Meteorology
   • General Navigation
   • Radionavigation
   • Operational Procedures
   • Flight Principles
   • VFR communications

Once the theoretical classes are finished, students will take an internal exam in our school before taking official exams.

After passing the official exams, students will be accredited in the corresponding theoritical knowledge to develop their work as airline transport pilots (ATPL), beginning the practical phase of training as a professional pilot.


The practical part of the Professional Pilot Course consists of 240 flight hours.

46.5 hours of visual flight instruction (License PPL / SEP)
5 hours of night flight instruction
56.5 hours of single-engine instrument flight instruction (IR / SE rating)
109 hours of training as a pilot-in-command
23 hours of commercial flight instruction (CPL License), of which 13 hours of multi-engine instruction (MEP rating)

Total flight hours
240 hours

Prices for the professional pilot course

Remember that we offer personalized education so you can start your Professional Pilot Course at any time, doing the training in our school (Gran Canaria) or in a distance mode.





* Possibility of financing without interest*
* Examination fee not included*

Do you need accommodation?

We will give you your training in one of the places with the best climate in the world

With an average temperature of 17 degrees and completely clear skies during the whole year, Canary Islands has undoubtedly one of the best climates in the world.

Nearly perfect conditions to be able to complete your training in the shortest possible time.

CANAVIA offers all students who need it, the possibility of accommodation in individual rooms in apartments located on the coast. Including cleaning service and Internet connection.

Enjoy a stay in this unique paradise while you fulfill your dream of being a pilot.

Requirements to access the professional pilot course

In order to access the Professional Pilot Course you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Pass a class 1 medical examination
  • Be older than 16
  • Have a basic knowledge of both mathematics and physics, which will facilitate the understanding of theoritical and practical knowledge
  • Good level of English

Why should you choose us?

With our ATPL Professional Pilot Course you will get

  • The license to operate as a private airplane pilot (PPL) and the theoretical part of the airline transport pilot license (ATPL)
  • Commercial pilot license (CPL)
  • Instrumental flight license (IR)
  • Single-engine flight rating (SEP)
  • Multi-engine flight rating (MEP)
  • Night flight rating (NVFR)
  • 218 flight hours
  • 100 flight hours as pilot-in-command


The high demand for pilots by commercial and private airlines around the world is a reality.

Train yourself with us to get a highly remunerated profession and make sure you have a job in one of the sectors with the highest demand.