Our team

CANAVIA is committed to give quality education to it's students. 

Every year we invest in the latest technology so that our students can achieve their dream in the shortest possible time.

Our team is made up of 30 people, including theory and flight instructors with a wide experience in training and thousands of flight hours behind them, many of them active in different airlines.

Our school is founded and directed by Mario Pons, CEO of CANAVIA and CN-235 Air Commander for Maritime Rescue, with more than 25 years of experience in the aeronautical sector and extensive air regulations and procedures knowledge. 

Fly with us!

Meet our staff

  • Mario Pons

    CEO and HT
    Founder of Canavia and Head of Training

  • Raúl Vallejo

    Chief Flight Instructor

  • Eligio Vescovo

    Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

  • Irene Blanco

    Legal Manager

  • Esmeralda Alsó

    Administration Manager

  • Maria E. Guerra


  • Patricia Chil

    Ground Operations

  • Antonia Martín

    Accounting Manager

  • Yeray González

    Flight Safety Manager

  • Gonzalo Flor

    Head of Aircraft Maintenance

  • Vasileios Varsamis

    Aeronautical Maintenance Technician

  • Eduardo González

    Senior Flight Instructor

  • Julio Huidobro

    Senior Flight Instructor

  • Farnaz Sadeghnia

    Flight instructor

  • Amílcar C. Reyes

    Flight instructor